Sunday School is COOL!

There is a class for EVERY age from birth to 100 years old at Woodway Methodist!  GraceKids ministries offers age-appropriate curriculum and activities to grow the Word of God deep in the hearts of our children from the youngest of ages!

Walkers & 2's learn by exploring their classroom and plenty of interactive play.  These tykes learn the same Bible story each week as PreK, but on a simplified level.  

PreK classes study the most familiar stories of the Bible.  This lively bunch also enjoys singing as our "Cherub Choir" for a few minutes each Sunday.

K-4th graders open with a group assembly in the Faith Factory to learn the Bible story of the week together before dividing by grade levels to do age appropriate games, crafts, and activities.  This age group continues to work methodically through the Bible learning both the Old and New Testament stories with a special emphasis on how all the stories point to Jesus!

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